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The future is dark, which is the best thing the future can be, I think.
— Virginia Woolf

13.11.2018 - Oh What, She Moved To Ireland???

And at this moment, I find myself in Ireland. For what? To be, as cliche as it sounds. I’m not sure what I am going to be doing here yet other than exist and work and create a life here. Now before you ask where I’m working or what field, I do not know. I applied for a working holiday visa from the Irish Government that is applicable to students who have recently graduated from post-secondary education (or are in the process of graduating). I discovered the program with under a month left of my one year anniversary and sent in my materials with 10 days left to apply - I’m beginning to believe procrastination is innate. And now that I’m here, I will look for work as I figure out what the job market is. So hold your breath, I’ll make sure to update you as the time goes on!

To give some background on the WHY? of this entire scenario, I spent two years working in the Education Abroad department at Ohio State after my study abroad program to Hungary in 2015. Needless to say, the program and my work sparked a desire to travel, and the bug did not subside after graduation. I have always wanted to visit Ireland and in finding the visa, I realized it was the perfect time to do so. I’ll write a post about the visa process at a later date, I’m still recovering from jet lag and don’t have it in me to be eloquent and descriptive.

I am writing this on the third floor of Dubray’s on Grafton Street overlooking the street and holiday lights hung between the buildings. The last time I saw a display like this was in 2013 in Toledo during a high school trip to Spain. I am excited to spend this upcoming holiday season in a completely new place with new and unique displays of collectivity.

To say my experience so far is off to a great start doesn’t even cover it. When I realized I was coming to Ireland, I reached out to Ohio State’s Alumni Society to see if any alumni were living in the area or if the university had a sanctioned group like they did across the US and other countries. They got me in contact with Autumn, and we corresponded over email. She offered me huge tips about moving here, told me of her own experience, and offered to let me stay with her for the first few days of my journey here. I am so grateful to her and her hospitality. Knowing that there was a place to go with a room and a shower to use that wasn’t filled with twenty other beds was a godsend.

Here is the first picture I’ve taken while in Ireland that isn’t on my Instagram story:

Window from Dubray’s 3rd Floor. I had Vanilla Almond Tea and a Raspberry Scone.

Window from Dubray’s 3rd Floor. I had Vanilla Almond Tea and a Raspberry Scone.

Here is a picture of me (you can see the lag in my eyes):

A new sweater and scrunchy to begin this journey!

A new sweater and scrunchy to begin this journey!

There is a lot to say and also nothing. I am excited to not know anything again and sit in that discomfort. Also looking forward to walking places as opposed to driving, though I still desperately miss Penny.

As a conclusion to this haphazard first blog post on my new website, I want to thank everyone who came into my life or re-entered it in the last 15 months while I was in Marietta. First, my parents. Thank you for allowing me to live at home and save money so I could fathom an opportunity such as this. To Hannah, Bring Me A Beer, thank you for your enthusiasm always and the shared love of random tidbits. What began as me coming with my mom turned into me being in the group chat as a qualified member, and for that and the love you espouse I am thankful. To Hannah, you’re amazing, never stop making music. To Paul, thanks for the plane ride (5.36). To Margo and her parents, thank you for the last 15 months of solidity and comfort. Your support and words of wisdom mean the world. To every person who messaged me before, during, and after my arrival, thank you so much for thinking of me. It felt like my birthday, overwhelming in a delightful way. I am so lucky to have people across the states and globe that were interested in my journey and sending wishes and thoughts. I am really blessed.

Until my next post, thank you for reading!


Madeleine :)